Welcome to TreasureBoat Framework Status!

Framework name Type Status PackageName
Person in charge
AjaxExample Application Green Off Off
Ajax Sample Application
AjaxExample2 Application Green Off Off
AppTBMonitor Application Off Off Off
AppTBTaskd Application Off Off Off
D2WCoreLogic Application Off Off Off
D3WAttributeLogic Application Off Off Off
D3WCoreLogic Application Off Off Off
D3WExcelSupport Application Off Off Off
D3WPageLogic Application Off Off Off
ERGroupware Application Off Off Off
ERJQueryMobileDirectToWeb Application Off Off Off
ERNotificationCenter Application Off Off Off
JQueryMobileExample Application Off Off Off
PDFExamples Application Off Off Off
SKIN_Clean Application Off Off Off
SKIN_Gumby Application Off Off Off
SKIN_ModernLook Application Off Off Off
SKIN_Sandvox Application Off Off Off
SnoWOman Application Off Off Off
TBAdaptor_FS Application Off Off Off
TBAdaptor_JDBC Application Off Off Off
TBAdaptor_Lucene Application Off Off Off
TBAdaptor_Memory Application Off Off Off
TBAdaptor_Neo4J Application Off Off Off
TBAjax Application Off Off Off
TBAsyncRR Application Red Green Off stefan
an async Request Response Ajax Framework provide by Michael. TODO : implementation of JQuery code, remove Warnings.
TBAttachment Application Off Off Off
TBAuditTrail Application Off Off Off
will be public but some work has to be done
TBAustrianElectricPaymentSystem Application Yellow Yellow Off ken
a electric payment system for Banks in Austria
TBBarcode Application Green Green Off
TBBaseModel Application Off Off Off
TBCKEditor Application Green Green Green
a CKEditor support for Treasureboat.
TBCSV Application Off Off Off
TBCalendar Application Green Green Green
a Framework for writing out Data in Calendar format.
TBCaptcha Application Red Green Green
looks like with Java 1.8 it is broken. should be fixed or replaced.
TBContentsDelivery Application Green Green Off
This framework is here for holding image, css, javascript resource. currently if will embedded deployed, but the idea for the future is to put that to a fast content delivery server and switch via property.
TBCoolComponents Application Off Off Off
TBCoreData Application Off Off Off
TODO : better Swift & Relationship support
TBDB_DB2 Application Off Off Off
TBDB_Derby Application Off Off Off
TBDB_FrontBase Application Off Off Off
TBDB_H2 Application Off Off Off
TBDB_MaxDB Application Off Off Off
Many Thanks to Stefan.
TBDB_Microsoft Application Off Off Off
TBDB_MySQL Application Off Off Off
TBDB_OpenBase Application Off Off Off
TBDB_Oracle Application Off Off Off
TBDB_Postgresql Application Off Off Off
TBDirectToWeb Off Off Off
D2W Framework. No support currently. If somebody need it let me know.
TBDocumentation Application Green Green Green
the documentation files that shows up in TreasureBoat. TODO : more Documentation
TBEmoji Application Off Off Off
TBEnterprise Application Off Off Off
TBExcelGenerator Application Yellow Green Green
creating and exporting Excel files. TODO : remove Warnings.
TBExtensions Application Yellow Green Green Ken
this is the replacement of JavaExtensions. more modern code and screens. TODO : 6 Classes and 3 Components, Remove Warnings
TBFoundation Application Off Off Off
TBGoogleChart Application Green Green Green
Google chart tools are powerful, simple to use.
TBGrouping Application Off Off Off
TBHighcharts Application Green Green Off
Highchairs support
TBIndexing Application Off Off Off
will die on 15.Feb
TBJGroupsSynchronizer Application Yellow Green Off
JGroups is a toolkit for reliable messaging. It can be used to create clusters whose nodes can send messages to each other. TODO : update to 3.6.1 add test to Dashboard
TBJQMobile Application Green Green Green
a JQuery Mobil Framework
TBJQuery Application Green Green Off
TBJRebel Application Yellow Red Off
TODO check all
TBJWPlayer Application Green Green Off
JWPlayer for Videos.
TBJasperReports Application Green Green Off
The JasperReports Library is the world's most popular reporting engine. Produce pixel-perfect documents that can be viewed, printed or exported in a variety of document formats.
TBJavaMail Application Green Green Green
The JavaMail API provides a platform-independent and protocol-independent framework to build mail and messaging applications.
TBJaxWS Application Green Green Green
The Java API for XML Web Services (JAX-WS) is a Java programming language API for creating web services. JAX-WS is one of the Java XML programming APIs. It is part of the Java EE platform from Sun Microsystems. Thanks to markus
TBKVDataStorage Application Green Green Green
a KeyValue DataStorage for Preferences, CMS and other Data.
TBLibrary Application Green Green Off
This Framework includes 3rd Party jar files and 3rd Party Java classes.
TBLucene Application Yellow Green Green Ken
Lucene is a high-performance, full-featured text search engine library written entirely in Java. It is a technology suitable for nearly any application that requires full-text search, especially cross-platform. TODO : update to 5.4.1 (http://archive.apache.org/dist/lucene/java/)
TBModernDefaultSkin Off Off Off
D2W Framework. No support currently. If somebody need it let me know.
TBModernDirectToWeb Off Off Off
D2W Framework. No support currently. If somebody need it let me know.
TBModernLook Off Off Off
D2W Framework. No support currently. If somebody need it let me know.
TBMonitor Application Yellow Green Off
Framework for interchanging Data between tbtask and tbmonitor. TODO : fix Warnings
TBPDFGeneration Application Green Green Green
PDF Generation Framework.
TBPaypal Application Green Green Off
for payment with PayPal
TBPaypal Application Green Green Off
a Framework for PayPal payments
TBPersistentSessionStorage Application Red Off Off
TBPlot Application Green Green Green
JFreeChart makes it easy for developers to display professional quality charts in their applications.
TBProfiling Application Red Off Off
TODO : check, classPaths, Name Changes, ...
TBPrototypes Application Yellow Green Off
this is the core of prototypes for every EO App. TODO : support of all conversions of the new prototypes.
TBQuartz Application Green Green Green
Quartz is a richly featured, job scheduling library that can be integrated within virtually any application - from the smallest stand-alone application to the largest e-commerce system. Quartz can be used to create simple or complex schedules for executing tens, hundreds, or even tens-of-thousands of jobs; jobs whose tasks are defined as standard Java components that may execute virtually anything you may program them to do.
TBReporting Application Off Off Off
TBRest Application Yellow Yellow Red
In computing, representational state transfer (REST) is the software architectural style of the World Wide Web. REST's coordinated set of constraints, applied to the design of components in a distributed hypermedia system, can lead to a higher-performing and more maintainable software architecture. TODO : create a simple Dashboard with Help and Tests. Package and ClassName changes and Removing Warnings
TBRuleEngine Application Off Off Off
TODO : add some better Debug Feature (see : Properties.properties)
TBSelenium Application Red Off Off
TBSkinGumby Application Green Green Off
a full written SASS Skin for used in TreasureBoat Apps, also with full support for Sangria.
TBSnapshotExplorer Application Yellow Red Green
TODO : package, name change, remove Warnings
TBTaggable Application Off Off Off
TBWebCore Application Off Off Off
TBXiss Application Green Green Green
a XML Framework for doing XML work. the original xml java project was written by Mike.
TemplateTBApp Application Off Off Off
version 0.7
WOdka Application Off Off Off
WOdkaBaseModel Application Off Off Off
WOdkaD2W Application Off Off Off
WOdkaJGroupsSynchronizer Application Off Off Off